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A Look back in TIme

The colourful history of spice trade in Kerala (Gods own Country) dates back to thousands of years in the past. In the ancient times traders from across the globe sailed hundreds of miles to purchase spices from Kerala, which were even then renowned for their matchless quality. The ancient port of Musiris was the hub of spice trade in Kerala in the past.


Upholding our roots and legacy of our ancestors and the rich state of Kerala, we offer Premium Spices such as Turmeric, Cardamom, Pepper, Chilli, and Vanilla. At Jyva Naturals we go beyond the mere resale of spices.

We are suppliers of Spices & Honey to Spices Board of India. Jyva Naturals is also a registered exporter under Spices Board of India.

FSSAI Certified-21319173000356
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).


Turmeric is the boiled, dried, cleaned and polished rhizomes of Curcuma longa. Turmeric is used to flavour and to colour foodstuffs. It is a principal ingredient in curry powder. It is used in the preparation of medicinal oils, ointments and poultice. It is stomachic, carminative, tonic, blood purifier and an antiseptic.


Cardamom of commerce is the dried ripe fruit (capsules of cardamom plant) often referred as the “Queen of Spices” because of its very pleasant aroma and taste. Cardamom is widely used as a flavouring material due to it's distinct taste. In Scandinavian countries it is used in baked goods and confectionaries.


Black Pepper is a climbing, perennial shrub mostly found in hot, moist regions of Southern India. It has the ability to correct the seasoning of dishes, therefore used as a final dash at the end of cooking to effectively adjust the flavour. Pepper is analgesic, anti-pyretic, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial.


Chilli is the dried ripe fruit of the genus Capsicum. Chilly is reported to be a native of South America and is widely distributed in all tropical and sub tropical countries including India. It is also used as an ingredient in curry powder and in seasonings. Capsicum has a tonic and carminative action.


Vanilla, a member of the orchid family is a climbing monocot possessing a stout, succulent stem; short petioled, oblong leaves; about 20 cm long. Vanilla is used mainly as a flavouring material; a critical intermediary in a host of pharmaceutical products and as a subtle component of perfumes. As a flavouring agent, it is used in the preparation of ice creams, milk, beverages, candies, confectionaries and various bakery items.

Going Beyond The Obvious.

We at Jyva Naturals understand the importance of giving back to our community of farmers. We consider them as valuable members of this enterprise and have numerous programs to ensure their upliftment, employment and well-being. 46% of our front-line workers are women, it’s also our mission to give them a proper chance to take care of their families.

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